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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences (IEMS)

Type of Program: Major
Educational Purpose/Goal:

Industrial engineering focuses on skills needed to create, design, analyze, and improve the operation of complex systems.

Data-driven decision making is a fundamental aspect of industrial engineering.

Program Structure:

Industrial Engineering has 9 core courses, including the IE Client Project Challenge, complemented by courses in Management Science and Production & Logistics.

Students also choose seven elective courses, three of which may be taken in other departments such as Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and LOC.

Target Audience: Students who are strong in quantitative subjects and are interested in creative problem solving through application of quantitative techniques to modern problems.
Participation/Entrance Requirements:

Students must be admitted to the McCormick School and pursue an Engineering degree as their primary major.

Students must fulfill all requirements of an Engineering degree.
Prerequisite structures are enforced.

Sample Classes:
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Foundations of Optimization
  • Stochastic Models
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis
  • Intro to Health Systems Engineering
  • Data Science & Analytics
Special Features:

The IE Client Project Challenge allows students to work on real-world projects with Chicagoland companies.

High performing majors can take advantage of study abroad awards and opportunities targeted for study in Industrial Engineering.

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Additional Information: